Google Ads Conversion Status Explained

Within Google Ads, click Tools & Settings then under the Measurement column click Conversions. Locate your conversion and review the current status as set by Google.
A conversion action will display 1 of 4 statuses. If you have recently created a new conversion action the status will likely be Inactive.

A status of Inactive indicates that no data has been received for that specific conversion action. This status will update when a transaction occurs on your Shopify store. If it does not please get in contact.
A status of No recent conversions indicates that the conversion action is receiving data but Google has not attributed any of conversions to Google Ads
A status of Active indicates that the conversion action is receiving data and Google has attributed 1 or more conversions to Google Ads.
A status of Need Attention generally indicates that the conversion action received data in the past but has not recently. If a transaction occurred in the past week on your Shopify store and the conversion action is displaying this status please get in contact.