Create A Purchase Conversion inGoogle Ads

1. Navigate to Google Ads, click Tools & Settings then under the Measurement column click Conversions
2. Click + New conversion Action
3. Select Website as the source of the conversion action
4. Enter your website url and click Scan
5. Scroll down until you reach Create Conversion Actions manually using code click + Add a conversion action
6. Select Purchase as the goal category, name your conversion appropriately and select Use different values for each conversion. Lastly select your currency and leave default value as 1
7. Leave Count and the remaining settings as default, then click done
8. Make note of the Conversion ID and Conversion Label
9. Navigate to the Shopify app and enter the Conversion ID and Conversion Label, click save
10. The app will automatically update and display the Conversion ID and Label
11. Navigate back to Google Ads and click done
Click here to verify that the installation is working by checking the status of your new conversion action